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Prepaid MasterCard Promotion [EXCLUSIVE TO AVFIREWALLS.COM.AU]
Earn anywhere from $50 to $500 - All you have to do is shop for Fortinet!

Prepaid MasterCard GIVAWAY! Earn up to $500 prepaid MasterCard with any Fortinet purchase. Terms and conditions apply, Limited time only. Learn More

Earn $$$ whilst spending!

For a limited time AVFirewalls will be giving away prepaid MasterCard credit cards for purchases of Fortinet Hardware or Subscriptions. Don't miss out on this amazing value promotion!

To be eligible all you need to do is activate the Promo Code #MC-GIVEAWAY-2019 (below), make a purchase of any combination of Fortinet items that total to more than $1,100.00 (inc GST) and you've already earned $50 to spend however you would like anywhere you would like!

Spend this amount Earned MasterCard
$1,100.00 $50
$2,200.00 $100
$3,300.00 $150
$4,400.00 $200
$5,500.00 $250
$6,600.00 $300
$7,700.00 $400
$11,000.00+ $500

Terms & Conditions: