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Fortinet FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services

FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services counter threats in real-time with AI-powered, coordinated protection across your entire attack surface.

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FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services integrate with security solutions across Fortinet's broad portfolio to provide market-leading security capabilities that protect applications, content, web traffic, devices, and users located anywhere. Go to the FortiGate Bundles page to learn more about purchasing the AI-Powered Security Services.

Top-rated, Integrated Protection

Our experts develop and utilize leading-edge machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide timely and consistently top-rated protection and actionable threat intelligence. This enables IT and security teams to better secure their organizations.

FortiGuard Labs is the driving force behind FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services. The services counter threats in real time with ML-powered, coordinated protection. They are natively integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, enabling fast detection and enforcement across the entire attack surface.

FortiGuard Services Portfolio

URL and Video Filtering

The FortiGuard cloud-delivered, AI-driven web filtering service provides comprehensive threat protection to address a wide variety of threats, including ransomware, credential theft, phishing, and other web-borne attacks. It leverages AI-driven behavioral analysis and threat correlation to immediately block unknown malicious URLs with near-zero false negatives. Also, it provides granular blocking and filtering for web and video categories to allow, log, and block for rapid and comprehensive protection and regulatory compliance.


Consistent protection against sophisticated DNS-based threats includes DNS tunneling, DNS protocol abuse, DNS infiltration, C2 server identification, and domain generation algorithms. DNS filtering provides complete visibility into DNS traffic while blocking high-risk domains, including malicious newly registered domains, parked domains, and more.

Antibot and C2

Block unauthorized attempts to communicate with compromised remote servers for both receiving malicious command and control information or sending out extracted information.

Web Security

FortiGuard web security is optimized to monitor and protect data and applications against web-based attack tactics while assisting you with meeting compliance requirements.

Critical use cases include URL filtering, DNS security, phishing, SWG, compliance, and SD-WAN.

MITRE ATT&CK–Based Reporting and Investigation Tools

Top-rated, behavior-based, and AI-powered static and dynamic malware analysis addresses today’s rapidly evolving and targeted threats, including ransomware, crypto-malware, and others, across a broad digital attack surface.

It also delivers real-time actionable intelligence and prevention by automating advanced zero-day malware detection and response.


FortiGuard Antivirus delivers automated updates that protect against the latest polymorphing attack components, including ransomware, viruses, spyware, and other content-level threats. It uses industry-leading advanced detection engines to prevent new and evolving threats from gaining a foothold inside your network, endpoint, and clouds and accessing valuable resources.

AI-Based Inline Malware Prevention

Inline blocking of previously unknown threats with AI-based Inline Malware Prevention Service allows you to hold a potentially malicious file until a final verdict is received. Leveraging advanced AI and ML at cloud speed, FortiOS now offers real-time prevention with queueing optimization and hardware acceleration. Inline blocking for FortiGate is available with both FortiSandbox and FortiGuard AI-Based Inline Malware Prevention Service.

Data Loss Prevention

The FortiGuard Data Loss Prevention Service delivers a database with consistent DLP patterns to different solutions within the Fortinet security stack. It furnishes businesses with everything they need to keep their data and users secure and prevent costly data loss incidents.

Content Security

Our content security solution is optimized to monitor and protect against file-based attack tactics while assisting with meeting compliance.

Critical use cases include prevention of known and unknown ransomware, viruses, and malware. They also have data loss prevention, insider threats, lateral movement of malware and attackers, data center segmentation, and SaaS security.

Inline and API CASB

The FortiGuard CASB Security Service secures SaaS applications in use by your organization, providing broad visibility and granular control over SaaS access, usage, and data. This service for FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) and SASE integrates with the FortiClient Fabric Agent to enable inline ZTNA traffic inspection and ZTNA posture check.

Innovative Capabilities

FortiOS also includes a range of additional capabilities, like mobile malware, credential protection, content disarm and reconstruction, and virus outbreak prevention.


Working in conjunction with our FortiMail solution to dramatically reduce spam volume at the perimeter, antispam gives you unmatched control of email attacks and infections to provide greater protection than standard blacklists.

Intrusion Prevention System

IPS blocks the latest stealthy network-level threats and network intrusions. It uses a comprehensive IPS library with thousands of signatures, backed up by FortiGuard research, which is credited with an industry-leading 1,000+ zero-day threat discoveries. Natively embedded in our context-aware policies, it enables full control of attack detection methods to address complex security applications and resist evasion techniques.

Dedicated IPS includes end-to-end updates for IPS administration, including support for finance and other regulated deployments. It enables migration from separate hardware to NGFWs while preserving operations and compliance practices.

Device Security

Optimized to monitor and protect against device and vulnerability-based attack tactics while assisting you with meeting compliance.

Critical use cases include intrusion prevention system (IPS), exploit protection, vulnerability detection, virtual patching, IT/OT/IoT identification, and protection.

OT Security

Identify and police over 70 ICS/SCADA protocols and industrial equipment for granular visibility and control with our OT Security Service featuring over 3,000 OT-specific vulnerability and application signatures.

Additional capabilities like device and OS detection and IoT hardware MAC address vendor mapping updates provide additional protection. Device detection and protection services OT devices have been expanded to include vulnerability correlation and virtual patching.

Attack Surface Security Service

Assessment and rating of security infrastructure in terms of security and compliance, plus IoT Detection and Vulnerability Correlation. Reduce your attack surface with automated discovery, real-time query, segmentation, and enforcement for IoT devices.

Indicators of Compromise and Outbreak Detection

Our automated breach defense system continuously monitors your network for attacks, vulnerabilities, and persistent threats. It also protects against legitimate threats, guards your data, and defends against fraudulent access, malware, and breaches.

Our cybersecurity experts develop detailed outbreak alerts and provide outbreak detection updates to our SOC platform. These save you research time by identifying attacks and ensuring ongoing readiness for threat hunting, including valuable tips and tricks.

Application Security

This suite of advanced security technologies protects, monitors, and optimizes application performance. FortiGuard Security Services blends context and application-aware technologies with global and organizational protection across networks, endpoints, and cloud environments.

Purchasing Options

Organizations have the freedom to mix and match solutions using a variety of options, including:

  • A la carte
  • Optimized bundles for products and use cases
  • Enterprise Agreement

FortiGuard AI-Powered Services Include FortiGuard Labs RealTime Threat Intelligence

FortiGuard Labs maintains AI-powered analysis environments that span solution databases, ensuring that all products operate from the same up-to-the-minute data. Each solution has access to all the security intelligence appropriate to its function and location across the attack surface. This ensures that security is deployed consistently and enforced cohesively. In addition, AI-based analysis and local ML capabilities operate within products to provide full-spectrum detection and mitigation of known and unknown threats.

FortiGuard Security for SOC and NOC Teams

Our suite of advanced security services and managed SOC offerings has been optimized for SOC and NOC teams. We provide faster identification, containment, and response to attacks across the expanding enterprise network using AI-powered automation, real-time outbreak detection, threat-hunting tips, and training so you can focus on innovation.

Critical use cases include:

  • Advanced forensics and threat hunting
  • Outbreak detection and remediation
  • Managed SOC-as-a-Service
  • Managed detection and response
  • SOC team augmentation
  • Proactive assessments
  • Simplified migration
  • Cloud management
Real-Time Threat Intelligence Trusted AI and ML Threat Hunting and Outbreak Alerts
Continuous security updates across the Security Fabric are based on in-house research, zeroday discoveries, and industry alliances. Our AI and ML models use large-scale, clouddriven data lakes (sandbox, EDR, NDR, botnet/ C2, web, DNS, SaaS learning, and more), combined with local learning and static analysis, to uniquely identify anomalies. Services combine FortiGuard Labs research, MITRE ATT&CK sightings, and global partnerships to provide alerts, analysis and detection, prevention, and remediation tools for fast detection and mitigation of outbreaks.

Application Security

FortiGuard application security services protect, monitor, and optimize application performance and usage.

Content Security

FortiGuard content security services help protect against file-based attacks while also helping meet compliance requirements.

Device Security

FortiGuard device security services offer advanced capabilities to monitor and protect IT, IoT, and OT devices and applications.

NOC/SOC Security

FortiGuard NOC/SOC security services enable faster identification, containment, and response to attacks.

Web Security

FortiGuard web security services are optimized to monitor and protect data and applications against web-based attack tactics.


The FortiGuard MDR (Managed Detection and Response) Service provides 24x7 monitoring of alerts and threats, for users of FortiEDR and FortiXDR.


FortiGuard SOC-as-a-Service blends Fortinet SOC technologies, vast experience, & analyst domain expertise to supplement your SOC.

Incident Response Services

FortiGuard Incident Response Services deliver critical services before, during, and after a security incident.

Incident Readiness Services

FortiGuard Labs experts help with customized plans covering IR readiness, playbook development, and tabletop exercises.

Cybersecurity Assessments &

FortiGuard Labs experts offer a rich portfolio of SOC readiness evaluation, tabletop training, and playbook development.

Applied Intelligence and Security Expertise

FortiGuard Labs applies deep visibility, insights, and expertise to the development and ongoing enhancement of FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services, a robust set of best-of-breed security capabilities integrated into Fortinet solutions.

Accelerated, Coordinated Protection

FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services enable faster, coordinated prevention, detection, and response in real time across organizations’ broader security infrastructure.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

FortiGuard services are constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence based on: research by FortiGuard Labs experts, global visibility into the threat landscape, telemetry from across Fortinet’s broad sensor base, and zero-day discoveries. This delivers heightened efficacy against even the most complex cyberthreats.

Proven ML and AI

FortiGuard services apply a unique combination of local learning and static analysis to identify anomalies. This is locally augmented by rapid intelligence based on AI and ML-models on large-scale cloud-driven data lakes.