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Fortinet is a leading provider of network security appliances and the leader of the unified threat management.

Fortinet Trade-Up Program
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View the details of the Trade Up program below. Still need help working out if you qualify for this program? Contact an Representative today by calling us on 1300 505 257.

Replace EOL Hardware and Save!How it Works.

Act now before it’s too late: Trade up End-of-Life (EOL) Fortinet units for new models and receive generous TradeUp discounts. Benefit from the transfer of existing service contracts from installed unit to new unit when recommended replacement model is purchased.

Move Up with Fortinet

Why stay with Fortinet? Our network security platform is tested and validated by the world’s leading experts and customers globally. It is powered by Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs threat research and response capabilities, together providing protection across the complete threat lifecycle. This means customers are protected 24/7 from growing threats that go undetected by other solutions. The TradeUp Program allows you to access the latest Fortinet solution, bringing you improved performance, updated security, and an advanced feature set. In addition you also benefit from real cost savings.

Have your security needs changed because your business is evolving? If you are looking to upgrade a Fortinet unit that has not been announced EOL, TradeUp discounts may still apply. Explore Special Pricing Requests by contacting your local Fortinet Office, Distributor, or Reseller.

Program Details

Which Products Are Eligible?

All Fortinet products announced End-of-Life (EOL) are eligible for TradeUp Discounts. A limited number of products that have not been announced EOL are also eligible (see chart on previous page). For all other non-EOL products, a Special Pricing Request must be approved.

Which Products Are Not Eligible?

FortiVoice, FortiClient, Coyote Point, FortiToken, FortiRecorder, Virtual Appliances, Fortinet VM Solutions, FortiSMS, FortiCarrier, VDOM, ADOM, Accessories, FortiFone, FortiCamera, Professional Services.

When Can The End User Benefit From A Transfer Of Services From The Installed Unit To The New Unit?

End Users benefit from a transfer of existing service contracts from the installed unit to the new hardware unit when the ‘Recommended Replacement’ is purchased.

What Is The Process To Transfer Service From The Installed Unit To The Newly Purchased Replacement Unit?

Customers visit the Support site at Go to the Asset/Manage Products section. Select the serial number of the product to be replaced. Click on the option Registration/RMA Transfer, and insert the serial number of the newly purchased unit. Upon saving, the transfer of services is confirmed and in place.

What Is The Process To De-register The Replaced (Old) Unit?

Within one-month, the End User must open a ticket (at, and request the de-registration of the replaced unit by providing its serial number. Any warranty or guarantee that is in place for the replaced (old) unit will cease upon de-registration. The Customer agrees and undertakes that if the de-registration process described above has not been fully completed by the end of the second month from the date of purchase of the replacement unit(s), Fortinet shall automatically de-registered the replaced unit(s), without customer’s prior approval.


In order to transfer existing services from an old to a new unit, a hardware unit without bundle support included must be purchased. Stand-alone services should be purchased separately in the same order. After the existing services have been transferred to the new unit, the new renewal contracts can be registered and added on.


Qualifying Trade-Up Products
Eligible Legacy Units Recommended Replacement*   Eligible Legacy Units Recommended Replacement*
FortiGate/WiFi-20C,30B,30D-POE FortiGate/WiFi-30E FortiAP-222B FortiAP-222C
FortiGate/WiFi-30D FortiGate/WiFi-30E, 50E, 51E, 52E FortiAP-223B FortiAP-223C
FortiGate/WiFi-50B, FortiGate 51B FortiGate/Wifi-30E, 50E, 51E, 52E, 60D, 60E, 61E FortiAP-320B FortiAP-320C
FG-60C, FWF-60C, FG-60C-POE,FWF-60CM FortiGate/WiFi-60D, 60E, 61E FortiAnalyzer-300D, 400B, 400C FortiAnalyzer-400E
FortiWiFi-60CX-ADSL-A FortiWiFi-60E-DSL FortiAnalyzer-1000C ,1000D, 2000B FortiAnalyzer-1000E, 2000E
FortiGate-70D FortiGate-60E FortiAnalyzer-3000D, 3000E, 3500E, 4000B FortiAnalyzer-3000F, 3500F
FortiGate-92D FortiGate-91E FortiAuthenticator-400C FortiAuthenticator-400E
FortiGateRugged-100C FortiGateRugged-90D
FortiAuthenticator-3000D FortiAuthenticator-3000E
FortiGate-110C, 111C FortiGate-80E, 81E, 100D, 100E,101E,140E
FortiMail-400B, 400C FortiMail-400E
FortiGate-200B, 224B FortiGate-200D, 200E, 201E
FortiMail-2000B FortiMail-1000D
FortiGate-300C, 310B, 311B FortiGate-300D, 300E
FortiMail-3000C, 3000D FortiMail-3000E
FortiGate-620B, 621B, 600C FortiGate-600D
FortiManager-300D, 400B, 400C FortiManager-300E, 400E
FortiGate-800, 800F, 800C FortiGate-600D, 800D, 900D
FortiManager-1000C, 1000D FortiManager-2000E
FortiGate-1240B FortiGate-1200D
FortiManager-4000D, 4000E FortiManager-3900E
FortiGate-1000C FortiGate-1000D
FortiWeb-400B, 400C FortiWeb-400D
FortiGate- 3016B FortiGate-3000D
FortiWeb-1000C FortiWeb-1000D
FortiGate-3040B, 3140B FortiGate-3100D
FortiWeb-3000C, 3000D FortiWeb-2000E, 3000E
FortiGate-3240C FortiGate-3200D
FortiWeb-4000C, 4000D FortiWeb-3000E, 3010E
FortiGate-3600, 3600A, 3600C,3810A-E4, 3950B FortiGate-3700D
FortiSwitch-28C FortiSwitch-108E
FortiGate-5001A-SW, 5005-FA2, 5001B, 5101C, 5001 SX FortiGate-5001D
FortiSwitch-124B-POE FortiSwitch-124D-POE
FortiAP-112B FortiAP-112D FortiSwitch-224B-POE FortiSwitch-224D-POE
FortiAP-210B, 220A, 220B FortiAP-221C FortiSwitch-324B-POE FortiSwitch-224D-FPOE
    FortiSwitch-348B, 448B FortiSwitch-448D
    FortiSwitch-548B FortiSwitch-1048D
Eligible (non-legacy) Fortinet Trade-Ups**
Eligible Non-Legacy Units** Recommended Replacement*   Eligible Non-Legacy Units** Recommended Replacement*
FortiGate/Wifi-40C FortiGate/WiFi-30E, 50E, 51E, 52E FortiAP-221B FortiAP-221C
FortiGate-80C FortiGate-80E, 81E    
* To benefit from transfer of service contracts from the installed unit to the purchased (new) unit, a hardware unit must be purchased. The hardware unit must be purchased on its own, without bundle support included. We strongly recommend the Customer checks the respective datasheet of the replaced units available to verify the technical specifications of the new device.
** These products are not EOL but are still eligible for TradeUp discounts and transfer of service contracts.

Terms and Conditions: