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FortiDeceptor is based on deception-based technology that complements an organization's existing breach protection strategy, designed to deceive, expose and eliminate attacks originating from either external or internal sources before any real damage occurs.

FortiDeceptor Product Details

FortiDeceptor allows organizations to rapidly create a fabricated deception network through the automatic deployment of deception VMs and decoys that seamlessly integrate with an existing infrastructure to lure attackers into revealing themselves. FortiDeceptor helps serve as an early warning system by providing accurate detection that correlates an attacker's activity details and lateral movement that feeds up to a broader threat campaign. Threat intelligence gathered from the attacker can be applied automatically to inline security controls to stop attacks before any real damage is done.

Features and Benefits:

Actionable Visibility

GUI driven threat map quickly uncovers threat campaigns targeting your organization

Automated Protection

Security infrastructure integration provides real-time blocking of attackers before real damage occurs

Deployment Ease

Centrally manage and automate the deployment of decoys and lures.

FortiDeceptor Models: