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Fortinet FortiExtender - Secure 5G/LTE and Remote Ethernet

FortiExtender cellular and remote Ethernet gateways extend, ensure, and secure your network.

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FortiExtender secure 5G/LTE and remote Ethernet extenders connect and secure any branch environment. Get 5G/LTE wireless WAN, high availability, out-of-band management (OBM), advanced threat protection, and secure mobility in one solution. Securely extend remote access to microbranches with FortiGate or FortiSASE in a few simple clicks.

Extending Security to Microbranches with Fortinet Universal SASE | FortiSASE

FortiExtender remote Ethernet gateways and Fortinet Universal SASE support organizations securing microbranches and related devices. FortiExtender remote Ethernet gateways intelligently offload traffic from microbranches to a SASE point of presence (POP) for comprehensive security inspection at scale for all devices, including IoT and OT devices.

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FortiExtender 5G/LTE and Remote Ethernet Gateways

  • Reduce the attack surface of network edges with advanced security
  • Deliver optimal cellular reception without attenuation via Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Can act as standalone NAT devices or IP passthrough adapters
  • Boost network reliability with dual SIM and dual modem options
  • Deliver out-of-band management via FortiExtender Cloud
  • Offer vehicle form factors with integrated Wi-Fi to securely connect mobile fleets
  • Extend FortiGate or FortiSASE LAN environments to microbranches via remote Ethernet
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Flexible Management Options

FortiExtender gateways offer a variety of management options to fit your organizational needs. Manage thousands of FortiExtender devices and segment your mobile fleets and branches into groups with FortiExtender cloud. Or, combine your SD-Branch device management in a single pane of glass with FortiGate and FortiManager options. Finally, extend remote access to microbranches and kiosks with FortiSASE (pictured).

Features and Benefits

  • 5G/LTE WIRELESS WAN -  Choose from a variety of gateways and form factors to suit your WAN needs
  • DUAL SIM & DUAL MODEM -  Get fast cellular failover and high availability with PoE gateways
  • SD-WAN INTEGRATION -  Deliver wireless QoE via integration with Secure SD-WAN
  • FORTINET SECURITY FABRIC -  Manage your 5G/LTE gateways with FortiGate or FortiManager and apply robust protection
  • OUT-OF-BAND MANAGEMENT -  Continue site-device management and deliver consistent connectivity during a wired outage
  • SASE INTEGRATION -  Protect FortiExtender Ethernet devices with integrated cloud security from Fortinet

FortiExtender Use Cases

  • EXTENDED EDGE CONNECTIVITY - Secure, reliable cellular connects branches where cable and fiber can’t reach.
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY - Dual SIM and dual modem cellular improve branch connectivity.
  • REMOTE ACCESS - Deliver secure connectivity for microbranch and kiosk deployments

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