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FortiAP Thin Wireless Access Points provide Integrated, Secure Wireless LAN Access for all Retail needs. Enabling simple, cost-effective Wireless Network Access, FortiAPs are an ideal solution for extending your FortiGate Connected UTM. With models designed for small branch offices, distributed enterprise locations, as well as high-density headquarters, FortiAPs allow you to deploy consistent security policies across both wired and wireless networks.

The Changing Retail Industry

Fortinet Retail Transformation

Let’s Talk Numbers…

Fortinet Retail Transformation

In 2018, 50% of U.S. retailers experienced a data breach

19% of consumers say they will not shop at a retailer that has been hacked

Average cost in 2018 was $233 per record stolen


Fortinet Healthcare IT Transformation



In a sea of current customers, potential customers, and everyone else, how do you track what’s working?

Unlike online, customers don’t log in when they arrive

IoT complexities

Fortinet IoT complexities


  • IoT and Guest network applications complicate your compliance posture
    • More vectors of attack then previous
    • Can’t completely lock down information without impacting mobile point of sale
  • Record and report on what matters
    • A rapidly changing client mix can add noise to network compliance reports

Deploy & Manage on a limited budget

  • Can’t rely on skilled IT onsite to oversee or coordinate installation
    • Plug and play for setup
    • Extensible so that similar sets of equipment can scale to different locations
  • Setup needs to be simple and straightforward from a remote location
    • Yet the network itself isn’t necessarily straightforward, with multiple network domains and compliance needs

Why Fortinet

Fortinet Security Fabric



BROAD visibility of the entire digital attack surface to better manage risk

INTEGRATED solution that reduces the complexity of supporting multiple point products

AUTOMATED workflows to increase speed of operations and response

Fortinet Security Fabric

Security Driven Networking

  • Security Driven Networking enables a convergence of security and network access.
  • Network access layer is designed within an integrated security framework.
  • Unique architecture consolidates functions, simplifies management and lowers overall cost.
  • FortiGate consolidates
    • One UI to learn
    • Single platform to manage
    • Single place for access policies
    • Reduced chance of configuration error
    • Lower CAPEX, OPEX, Training, Personnel

Drive Security to the Edge

Fortinet Security to the Edge

Full Visibility and Security Control

Fortinet Full Visibility

Solving IoT with Fortinet

  • Security
    • Endpoints can be automatically quarantined if they fail IoC - Ensures that any compromised device is handled quickly
    • MPSK simplifies management of large numbers of headless devices
    • FortiNAC integration eases onboarding and posture assessment
  • Performance
    • Certified by common IoT vendors (Vocera, Spectralink, etc)

Comprehensive IoT Security with FortiNAC

Fortinet IoT Security

Automated response to compromised devices Taking response time out of the equation

  • Security Driven Networking in action
    • A device is detected as compromised by the Security Fabric
    • FortiAPs or FortiSwitches can automatically quarantine the device at the access layer
  • Your network & patients are safer
    • Compromised devices are no longer a threat to the wider network or each other

Solving guest access

  • Onboard guests with low to no effort
    • Simple to use with on-board or external captive portal
  • Ensure guests only go where you want them to
    • Segmentation throughout the fabric
    • FortiLink extends configuration throughout the deployment

Solving Compliance

  • Automatic quarantine ensures that data is kept protected
  • Segmentation enforced down to the SSID on the AP
    • Ensures that devices stay in the area they’re authorized for
    • Removes unnecessary devices from compliance scope
  • Management platforms automate logging and reporting for proving compliance

And so much more...

  • Broadcast / Multicast management
  • Multiple PSK for WPA2 personal
  • Fast failover controller redundancy
  • Rogue detection and Suppression
  • WIDS
  • Frequency and AP load balance
  • Mesh wireless network
  • Remote APs
  • Onboard BT/BLE
  • Location Tracking (with FortiPresence)
  • SSID scheduling
  • DFS Fallback
  • Captive Portal
  • DOS attack prevention
  • Wave-2 operation on 802.3af
  • 802.3az-Power-efficient Ethernet
  • Fast roaming mechanisms 802.11 r/k/v
  • Bonjour genius
  • Channel utilization (Duty-cycle measurement)
  • QoS profiles (per SSID/per Client)
  • WMM Access Control
  • Automatic channel selection
  • Probe response suppression
  • Protected Management Frames
  • Opportunistic Key Caching
  • TX Beamforming
  • HotSpot 2.0
  • Per Group rate limiting

Pricing Notes:

FortiAP 100 and 200 Series

FortiAP 300 and 400 Series

FortiAP 800 and Wall Mounted AP Series

FortiAP Smart AP and Universal AP Series

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